Data Extraction

Data extraction is basically an art of extracting data and converting it into meaningful and valuable information. We are drowning in data but due to improper management of data we are starving to use it properly.

Data is a vital asset of an organization, to grow every organization needs well customized data. Giving light to this fact, data extraction service is highly in demand as the clearly understandable information is plus point for any organization.

Data extraction is not just simple statistics when customized properly, data extraction service ensure that you have best data in your hand, and with resources, you can make good and fast decision on critical issue regarding finance, long term strategies and other vital decision of an organization.

Data entry 365 offers dedicated data extraction services. Our professional team is well versed of extracting data from different sources like images, documents, websites and databases too. Our professional experts follow these steps to process the data extraction job which goes like this. First they collect the data, analyze them thoroughly and define the business goals for the project associated. Then the work of processing starts which involves modeling, harvesting, data transformation, evaluation and more. Finally the output is deployed at the customer end.

Our services include:
We at Data Entry 365 offers wide range of data extraction services, which includes these (but we are not limited to this)

• Extraction of filtered data from web pages
• Scanning website and download all images
• Searching for required data and extracting in Excel sheet
• Collecting addresses with phone, fax & email
• Gathering industry specific data
• Conduct competitor data research including pricing and offer analysis.
• Web to Database solution

Reasons that make our clients visit us time and again is:

  • We work to reduce the operational cost, to make it more affordable.
    We emphasize on the business process and meet the complete business needs.
    Time is running so we always work within the deadline.
    Specialized data extraction experts are appointed for every project.
    We prefer quality over quantity and give complete assurance on this from our side.

We work to elevate your business and return feasible results. We have worked for years and have added value to our clients business. This boosts up confidence in us and makes us to work better each the time for you.

If you are looking for data extraction service and have any query related to this then feel free to contact us.