Scanning Indexing OCR Services

Dataentry365 is a well reputed name in the field of Data Entry Services. In today’s date of electronics it’s hard to manage and keep the paper documents. Scanning and indexing has made it easy and fast to preserve the document files and reports into electronic format. So Dataentry365 provides inclusive scanning, indexing and OCR services to make your mission critical document preserved.

We have earned years of experience in this. Our staffs are capable to handle small as well as large volume of data. Our mode of work includes preparing a related sample of project before starting the work on any document to make it best. The well versed steps for document scanning followed by us which goes like this, boxing up of the file then shipping the document, preparing the files & documents for scanning process then finally scanning and indexing to it. Any post processing operations on the scanned documents can be easily performed by us. To give you standard quality documents we make use of sophisticated and high speed document scanners.

Once the scanning is complete indexing is carried out according to the need. For indexing we provide numerous formats like text, MS Access, MS Excel, .csv and more. We even opt for barcode and OCR indexing. Our indexing system service will help you in finding the files easily with the help of text service. In some situations manual indexing is required which is done by key entry and verification.

Our motto is to help you by saving cost, time and our most valuable effort. The OCR services provided by us are of high quality and of wide variety too. We capture and analyze the data in best possible way. Lead factor of OCR system is its ability to convert the scanned images to digital files. To manage the errors OCR cleanup is required and is an integral part which is done by our experts. The text which is looked up inside the images can be retrieved, edited and reused through the OCR. In OCR we make use of artificial intelligence i.e. pattern recognition to identify every single text character with punctuation marks, spaces and more.

When comes to software selection and use for our scanning and indexing then we have a large number of options to go. We make use of phINDEX, phFTP and scanner profiles where we are not just limited to this.

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